I am back from England and full with inspiration after meeting Annie Sloan and her marvellous Chalk Paint. I have plenty of techniques and DIY projects to share with you in the coming weeks.

But today I want to share the makeovers of two pieces I am very fond of. The very same day I decided to become a ‘designer’… and yes It might sound a bit too much… but I can’t really put another word to describe what I do. That day I started looking for courses on how to paint furniture. Often I like to learn things by myself, but since painting furniture can be pretty expensive in terms of materials; I thought I better get some good tips from the beginning. I found a two-day intensive course for beginners at The course was held in Jutland, something like three hours away from home, but still Denmark. Like in a juggle puzzle, every piece of the the adventure fitted together nicely: I managed to get the very last place, my husband was available to look after the children, plus I found accommodation in a very charming B&B in the area. Yuhu!

Susanne, the woman leading the course, suggested all of us to take around 5 pieces to work on. I regret now I didn’t take a picture of my car loaded with stuff! And I learned I am a very optimistic person. I took a TV furniture, two chairs, an old wooden beer case, a small children book shelf and few brass candlesticks.

I managed to work on two pieces: the TV furniture and Grandma’s chair. I bought the TV furniture for 100 dkk from the family that used to live in our house before we moved in. The chair I got it from my mother in law, and it used to be her mother´s, nice shape and still in very good condition.

I did not manage to finish the two pieces completely. Actually, no one managed to finish even one piece, but we learnt a lot, got very dirty and ate very nice food!

I came back home and it took me I while to get the pieces 100% finished. I had to buy the textile for the chair and some basic tools, such a silicon pistol. Plus I was missing a final touch to add to the TV furniture.

In both pieces I follow the same procedure: sand, prime, paint, distress and wax.

I love the colour I used for the furniture, NCS 1950 Interior High Finish from Flugger or in plain English ‘Candles Dance’ from This is the site I use to find colour names.The furniture still looked too plain so I decided to make a pattern on the top, with off white paint; and this is what I used to make the patterns.

You can get this from any sweet grandma in Denmark, or buy paper doilies (Papirsflakoner) from Søstrene Grenes. I then gave the top a light coat of Candles Dance getting not to make the pattern sooo visible. Then distressed it and finally I applied the antic wax. I also changed the knobs, to new ones I bought from Susanne. They really add character to the piece.


The pieces found their perfect place in the master bedroom. I love the cute detail of the chair, which wasn’t so visible before, but after the distressing process it shows really beautifully.  

If you are wondering about the chair’s upholstery part, don’t panic, I will explain it in the next post. But I will use another chair, which’s I have lot of photos.

By the way, Slitage runs two courses during the year, the next one takes place this month. Check out the link if you’re interested.



  1. would love to know what color you used to prime the tv buffet in the above pic. i love the color of Candles Dance. I wonder how you would make this color and finish by using ASP. Hope you can advise. Thanks

    • Hi Terry, try 1/3 Old Linen mixed with 2/3 Old White. Then use a coat of clear wax, distress, and then a coat of dark wax. Have in mind that the distressing looks this way due also to the original stain color in the furniture. If you want to achieve the same look, you will have to work it on a dark piece. A lighter piece will turn out looking different. I hope this helps, Good luck and have fun!

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