My favourite shops

When it comes to finding good pieces at a low price,  the best places are charity shops. Flea markets (in a good sunny day) are still my thing, maybe because it is always possible to bring prices down, and I can find more variety in one place. I can also take my kids with me, specially the old one enjoys shopping for toys, and He doesn’t seem to care about the second-hand deal. And that works perfectly for my pocket. Charity shops are instead closer to my heart. I can’t say they are fun but in many ways buying in these shops makes me feel a bit of a better person.  So there are few of these here in Holbæk and Tølløse, The Red Cross and The Blue Cross charity shops. They are a bit more pricy that any other charities buy often they have SALES!  It was in one of those sales, I bought this wonderful piece worth 75 DKK after sale discount.

The King’s Chair, or Konge Stolen as it is called her in Denmark.

It took me a while to get familiar with this fine chair. It was until one day I was shopping for textiles that I found this beautiful pattern, just what I needed to get me working on the project. 


If you are new in the art of upholstery, I recommend taking pictures of every detail before and during the process of ripping off the fabric. The pictures will be your memory (without blank pages), when putting the new fabric in place. Trust me, it helps. On the other hand this doesn’t mean the piece has to be upholstered in the exactly same way. There will always be more than one way of doing it (like in everything), just make sure it is made properly. You can decide to make things the same way or easier or even more elaborated.  You choose.

This time I did not make the upholstery exactly the same way as in the original; after all I had to use my own resources and skills to make it work.

I hope the pictures can tell the differences.



I felt pretty lazy about all the perfectly aligned nails. I thought about the time they will take, plus they didn’t really suit the new fabric. I have before hammered nails one by one for set of four leather chairs of my own. This time I couldn’t bother.

The nails around the seat were purely decorative. So those ones I could just avoid and instead I placed the same cord used in the joins. The back of the chair is what I did a bit different. I just stapled gun both, the piece of fabric facing forward and the one facing backward, all around the rectangular shape and then hid the visible staples with cord.

 The job didn’t involve sewing neither nailing. I only used my staple gun and my silicon gun, as for the materials: textile and a matching cord.

Two things to be aware of:  the piece of fabric should be bigger enough to properly cover the area where you are working. You would prefer to cut the excess rather than start all over again. And second, when stretching the fabric, make sure you do it with the same strength in all four sides; this is to avoid pattern distortion on the fabric.

For those wondering about the colour paint: 1/3 Duck Egg Blue and 2/3 Old White form Annie Sloan Chalk Paint range. 

By the way, I miss my blog editor, I bet you miss her too.

Until next week



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