Inspiring Tour

First things first! This is where the candlesticks from my last post ended. At the heart of the city of Vienna (Austria) in an exquisite and smart decorated loft.

Viena Octubre 2011 039

Here some pictures of my Viennese inspiring tour.

Viena Octubre 2011 012

Viena Octubre 2011 019

Viena Octubre 2011 044

Viena Octubre 2011 073

Viena Octubre 2011 076

Viena Octubre 2011 104

Viena Octubre 2011 013

I came home Sunday afternoon, and decided to spend Monday and Tuesday with my kids, since I missed them so much. That meant no time for a new creation for this week’s post! Almost even no time to publish a word today! But I do have a few things I have done in the past, which you still haven’t seen, so I thought I should push myself to share the following makeover.

A must have in any house. Yes! One mirror or many where possible!! I dream with my own wall or hall of mirrors (one day). I found this piece on the web. It looks antique; some people even might like it this way. But the truth is that the frame is made of plastic, and the closer you get the tackier it gets. I went for it because I love carves.

Espejo (2)

I painted the inner part of the frame Annie Sloan’s Duck Egg Blue and the rest Annie Sloan’s Old White. I distressed it and guess what, I thought the original golden finish was going to show, but no, it also came off with the distressing (of course). Instead, it showed some unexpected dark iron grey colour. Surprise, surprise, the final look gives the impression of a heavy iron frame painted in light colour. I am more than pleased with the results!

Billede 113

Here’s a tip: I actually don’t recommend protecting the mirror from paint spilt. Don’t bother. When you are done painting, just remove any excess that might have fallen on the mirror with a hobby knife. Easy peasy!!

Agosto 087

Agosto 088

Before I go, I got some news to share. I will be attending a framing course from 31st October to 4th November at ‘EUC Nordvestsjælland’. So I myself will be framing soon. I can’t wait.

Happy week everyone!


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