Let go and move on!


I bought this desk a long time ago. I knew what I wanted to do with it and how I wanted it to look. My idea was to paint the body with light colour and for the top, just remove the old varnish and leave the wood clean and raw.  I was very enthusiastic when I started working on it and decided to start with the ‘easy task’ of transforming the top.


This was my first time I had to strip the varnish of a piece of furniture.  I bought the paint stripper (farvefjerner) and applied it all over the top. I followed the instructions and started removing the varnish. A lot of stuff came off, a lot! But the dark colour remained and the top still had a dark coat of wood stain, so I decided to tackle it with my powerful sander.

This is what I achieved after 1:30 hours work! Just sanding, this was going to take ages. I got tired and stopped for a break.


Yesterday, after a “very short” two months BREAK, I returned to finish the job!! How pathetic! I just didn’t feel like spending 4 precious hours on cleaning the top, noooo way!! During two months I just preferred to do anything else but this. In the meantime I have painted the body in a 50/50 mix of Old White and Paris Grey, for the inside I used Duck Egg Blue. Finally, after deliberating about the top, the raw finish and the 4 hours sanding, I came to terms with the fact that giving up on my initial idea was the best thing to do! Who cares anyway! Let go and move on!

After all I can still try stripping paint off another, more friendly furniture. Decision taken! So instead I painted the top in Amsterdam Green.  I applied three coats, so it can be used as a black board. If you don’t like it, trust me, your children will love it! Of course I didn’t wax it and it totally rocks!!!

Tip: I applied a base (same Old White and Paris Grey) along the top edge, so when distressing, the light colour contrasts beautifully with the Amsterdam Green. Do the distressing gently in order not to reach the wood.


Giving up is not always a bad thing, especially if it removes stress and give you peace.  Setting up a new reachable goal, will still give you the sooo wanted ‘sense of achievement’.

Just Keep It Simple ‘Kis’



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