How to make it to the entrance hall and ASCP consistency

Many years ago an artist living in the country side used to cycle around neighbouring villages and sell his paintings.  This was the way Lars’s grandparents bought this painting.



They fell for it, because the painting was about a beautiful location 10 km away from their home. The place is called “Dejligheden” (in Danish, which translates to “The Beauty”). Lars´s grandparents had it framed and the painting was with them for the rest of their lives. My husband eventually inherited it while he was in his early twenties.  It was a very tired looking painting!



I have found it really difficult to understand why my husband likes this painting so much! Must be something to do with his childhood, his grandparents or the place in the picture.  I have a memory from one of my very first visits to Denmark where he even stopped the car to show me the place in the picture right there in front of us. It was freezing cold and windy as it usually is in Denmark, and the only thing I wished was to get back in the car. Now I feel kind of guilty for not understanding his admiration for this special place. For years, and I mean many, almost 10 my husband has been happily carrying this painting everywhere he has lived. The funny thing is that regardless of all the memories attached to the painting, it has never really been given an honourable place at home, because of me and because I feel it does not go well with our home decor.  It really doesn’t.

Until!!! I met stunning Graphite from the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint range. The painting came right to my mind, and I got a plan.  I am not the kind of person who likes keeping things in an attic, I believe if it has to go in the attic, it´s because I don’t need it.  So I had to do something with this painting, either get rid of it or make it work!  A part of me also thought that experimenting on it will probably be the faster way to get it out of the house! Jejeje

I followed the procedure and asked my husband to allow me to carry on with my ‘plan’.  Simple, I just painted the frame with Graphite. I gave it two coats. There is something about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, and it is that the consistency of the paint is not always the same.  Most of the time it is, and I have never had issues with the consistency. But Sometimes the paint does turns out very creamy or very watery. If it happens to you don’t panic, if it is too creamy, add water, just a little at the time, and stir very well. If it is to watery, remove the lid and in a few hours it will thicken.



My Graphite sample pot was a bit too watery, I tried using it like that, but I knew I would have to give the frame at least three coats, so I let it thicken for a while, and then two coats where enough.  I waxed the frame twice and buffed it. I did not distress it. I wanted it to look neat!

Tip: to avoid damages on the actual painting I left a small part of the inner frame unpainted, right where the gold colour was still looking fresh.

I loved the result and eventually ‘The Beauty’ won a place at our entrance hall! No one outside the family has yet made a remark about the painting, and I totally understand why. It is still and old standard painting. But I love the frame!!!, and my husband loves the story attached to it.






In the end beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Right ?


 Until next post!





9 thoughts on “How to make it to the entrance hall and ASCP consistency

  1. I love the painting, and the new frame color really sets it off. I have a painting of my own that I love in a frame that I hate, and now I know just how to remedy that situation. Thanks for sharing!

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