Changing my mind to Amsterdam Green!

When it comes to changing your mind, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is the most flexible of all paints! You may choose to paint the same piece over and over again and the piece will just look better and better. It has something to do with the texture of the paint, the more layers and texture, the more character and robustness it adds to the piece.

 So now to this week´s transformation, I found this totally dull brass chandelier at a charity shop. I guess, I just bought it because the price was ridiculously low, and I really think it was worth what I paid for it and nothing more. A week later I saw an identical one and I mean the same chandelier in a very fine antique shop´s window display, with the only difference being that the one at the antique shop appeared to have had a much better life than mine jejeje. It was looking perfectly clean and polished. The brass was like new. I could only wonder about ‘destinies’ and it sort of felt nice to have rescued the dull old chandelier.

 I painted my chandelier in a mix of Paris Grey and Old White.  And it kept that colour until this week when I just wanted to give it another look. So I picked up fabulous Amsterdam Green (I would love my house front door to be this colour) Just fab! On the pictures it seems black, but it is not. You should meet Amsterdam Green, you will never regret it!

So here is my new chandelier, I will say it now has a very serious and interesting look, and that’s much better than the boring dull look it had when I bought it.



On the personal front! Today is my last day as a 32 years old!!! Gush gush gush! Why is it that EVERYTHING has to come to an end? Nevermind, I loooove beginnings… so let my 33 begin.

Happy Friday everyone. Until next post.

 Keep it simple!







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