Keep the fire on

Winter is normally very cold where I live; I have almost everything to make my house warm and cozy, but I have been lacking the skills to keep the fire going.  Now after surviving three winters I have finally overcome my lack of willingness of getting along with the chimney, let’s just mention that the lack of willingness was supported by the air condition remote control, isn’t it just easier? Yes, it is! But I got so much firewood for free for this winter, so I decided to use it and save on the energy bills and it is also so cold now that the air conditioner cannot heat up the whole house.

I should probably blame my beloved father for my lack of skills when it comes to survival. When I was 12, I wanted to join The Scouts, so I could go out in the countryside, sleep in tents; use improvised toiles, cook meals on my own bonfire and so on. But, he didn’t allow me to, so I never joined the scouts, and instead I grew up as a comfort girl, who at 33 still has nothing to do with tents, canned meals, bonfires and not to mention improvised toilets.

Eventually after getting over my lack of interest on the fire matter. The chimney and I are getting along much better now, and this week I decided to bond with it in the way I know best, so I have got a newly refurbished firewood holder to stand next to it.

I found this wooden case in the garage attic after a serious clean up this week. Painted it Annie Sloan’s Old Ochre, I used about 100ml, only one coat. Used Annie Sloan’s Old Linen for the text. Done!!

Keep your hearts warm! Keep it simple!



4 thoughts on “Keep the fire on

    • Dear Janet, Keep on trying, … at some point I had to use a timer to remind me to take a look at the fire jejeje, extreme! I must admit I never thought I will have fun with this and now I am actually enjoying my fireplace a lot! xox

  1. Very cold here too. -15C in Burgundy, so keeping the woodburner going 24 hours a day. However, frozen pipes so having to keep buckets of water for toilet flushing and the kettle on the stove. Good use of an old crate.

  2. Oh my god!!! that is extreme!!! I would love to see pics of your surroundings! It most be so pretty also in winter time! By the way I loved the kitchen table with the stencil, I haven’t try that yet!. xoxo

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