Should I stay or should I go? Plus lime washed technique

This week was time to renew my Danish residence permit. Five years has past and I am still here!! I remember clearly when I got my temporary permit to stay in Denmark. I was 5 months pregnant and newly married, I was happy to experience living in Denmark, but deep inside I wished we would be living somewhere else by the end of the five years resident permit. I think at that point I was terrified by the Danish language, plus I guess I just like or need changes from time to time, so already at that early stage I was forecasting my next move.

Instead, the family grew bigger and Denmark just seems to be the place to live, at least for a longer while. Last Monday I started the transformation I am sharing with you today. I honestly wasn’t thinking consciously about my residence permit or my first five years in Denmark, the initial idea was to do the Swiss flag on the front of the furniture, just because that flag suited the furniture lines very well, and I also wanted to use the colour Emperor’s Silk (Red) on the piece. Halfway through the transformation I changed to the Danish flag! I believe that will make the furniture more appealing here. Last Thursday I delivered my application for permanent residence, :-S. I came home to finish the waxing on the piece, and there, very consciously I realized about this week’s odds.  It has been all about Dk.

Lime washed technique.

It is preferably to work on raw wood, that’s why I stripped the top with a paint or lack stripper. Once the wood is completely clean, just apply a coat of paint and then with a damped cloth remove the excess. I used White Linen for the lime washed look on the top of the furniture.


For the body I used Emperor’s Silk mixed with some Graphite, just a little bit, to give the Emperor’s Silk an edgy look and White Linen for the white lines. I gave about three coats for both the red and the white part. On the inside I used Graphite. At last wax, wax and more wax, no distressing on this piece.

This was all, now I have to wait between three to five months for a reply on my application and eventually my permanent residence permit, let the count down begin.

Nice weekend everyone.

Keep it simple!



11 thoughts on “Should I stay or should I go? Plus lime washed technique

  1. Oh Adri…this piece is spectacular!!!!!

    I love what you did. You are so very creative with Annie’s paints.

    Keep up the lovely work and congrats on settling into Denmark.

    janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  2. Hi Adriana, I was wondering why it is necessary to put more than one coat of wax on a piece, other than maybe a dark wax over the clear for the aged look. Is it mainly for extra protection, or does it affect the look of the piece? Also, how long should I wait between applications of wax? Thanks for the advice. By the way, this piece looks cool!

    • Hi Leigh Ann!
      Thanks for you comment ;). I suggest two coats of wax on a furniture that is going to stand in a very traffic area and also on table tops, kitchen cabinets and on pieces that you expect to have to clean often. A second coat of clear wax doesn’t not affect the look of the piece. Most of the time we use one coat of clear and one of dark (for the aged look), but one simple coat of clear wax is also fine! You can start applying the second coat of wax when the surface feels dry, time varies depending on the room temperature, (if it is too hot it takes longer) but in normal room temperature it shouldn’t take more than one hour. I hope this helps!!!

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