Vi ses på Ledreborg

Hello everybody! this post is going to be very short, I have to wake up in 5 hours to 4  long days at Ledreborg lifestyle fair! Extremely exited and exhausted already!  Before I go to bed I just wanted to share the name of the winners for the giveaway. Vibeke Kaja Krogh og Wiwica Sommer, congratulations and thanks for following on facebook. I announced their names on ‘’  facebook page and they already got their tickets 😉

As for the preparation for the fair, I wanted to focus on showing the wonders of this paint. So I have done a little bid of everything. But last week I spend some time doing signs, which seems to be very popular these days! So I transformed the old garage door and an old garden table into piles of signs!

Some pictures of the stand at Ledreborg! Almost ready for tomorrow.

THE  Paint!

and remember!

Keep it simple!



5 thoughts on “Vi ses på Ledreborg

  1. I’m feeling inspired by those painted signs! I’ve been wanting to put some inspirational quotes on my wall, and I think this way is a great idea–with AS paint and some stencils (and some old pallet wood pieces). Thanks for the idea!

    Thrift Diving

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