Ready for the Olympics and toning down ASCP

Well almost ready!! About three months ago our satellite disk broke down. We called some people to have it fixed, no luck with that. Fortunately when the breakdown happened a new service provider was installing a high speed fiber optic cable in our neighborhood. Sort of a  weird coincidence, anyway we decided to get a new TV and internet package with this new provider, but we are not having our TV up and running before two more months. And that’s ok with me except that the Olympics 2012 starts in 43 days!!! not that I am an athlete,  but I do enjoy watching the Olympics.  Sports are always fun TO WATCH! Right?

But since the European Cup started last monday, on the very same day my husband arrived with a TV solution, he got (us) a temporary subscription to watch most danish local channels online. The only problem I have with this solution is that the computer becomes your TV, and that doesn’t work for me. Anyway while all this have been happening I have started a tour around the house to transform some pieces of furniture, believe it or not, there is not much of my own furniture painted in ASCP, so I have started, and yes I started with the TV furniture 🙂

 Here is a way to tone down a colour without necessarily having to mix it with a white. This project took about 3 hours to complete, I painted it yesterday and did the waxing today, I used about 400ml of Country Grey, 100ml Pure White and 50ml Clear wax.

Why does the before picture always look soooo bad? This furniture really isn’t that ugly.

Here it is with two coats of Country Grey, I like the colour, but decided to tone it a little bit down, so this is how I did it:

Wait until the paint is completely dry.

apply a rough coat of Pure White

While the paint is still wet, rub it into the surface  with a damp cloth

The white paint will settle into the texture, to enhance it in a beautiful way and at the same time you get the original colour to tone down a bit. You can see the difference here. The top drawer hasn’t been toned down, while the two below have. The change is not that dramatic when using Country Grey, but it will be more obvious if you try this technique over a brighter colour such as Provence, read post about it here.

There is something about this project I liked a lot, I didn’t have to move the piece any where. I did it right there, on the spot!

Keep it simple!!



5 thoughts on “Ready for the Olympics and toning down ASCP

  1. Beautiful Adri…that’s what I love about Chalk Paint™ also…paint where you are! No mess, no smell and it dries fast…perfect!

    Love your new TV console.

    janet xox
    The Empty Nest

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