Missing Y E L L O W no more

Have you ever wondered what happens when you mix Annie Sloan Chalk Paint with a tinting paste? Well me too!! I hadn’t asked anyone whether this was a smart idea or not, so before advice stopped me from trying I decided to go ahead. Annie Sloan colour range for continental Europe does not include the colour Arles (a beautiful rich yellow), we have Sienna Yellow instead, which is also very beautiful but not as yellow as I would like it to be. However this is where the tinting paste comes into play.

So here it is my sweet patient, a small dresser, a family piece and a present I got some weeks ago, beautiful shape, solid, classic, just boring looking. I liked it since I saw it. I just needed the right colour for it.

It got to be yellow, I have a thing with this colour, it is not my top favorite, but I like it on certain things and on certain people, and when I do, I just love it.

 I bought 20ml of universal tinting paste (nr. 7 from Mixol water based) I took 500 ml of Sienna Yellow and added 2 tsp of paste. Mixed it!

Two coats of my new yellow, I sanded it before applying the wax. Can you see the beautiful matt finish?

For the brass parts, I painted these in Amsterdam Green, just roughly, not really looking for perfection.

Handles on the dresser.

One coat of wax and I polished with a cloth just a little bit.

Here you can see I kept the original paint inside the drawers, which is similar to Primer Red, I like the contrast the two colours create.

So here goes my new dresser in its new environment!

Freshly painted wall: 1/2 Grey Linen 1/2 Pure White. I hope that explain the newspapers on the floor 🙂

Postcard background: 2/3 Pure White 1/3 Provence

Dresser: 500 ml Sienna Yellow, 2 tsp Universal tinting paste (water base)

Did I commit a crime by mixing Annie Sloan Chalk Paint with tint? I don’t think so. I can only tell you the paint behaved exactly in the same way as it normally does. The piece in under observation and I will keep you posted.

Funny enough after I finished my stunning yellow dresser two days ago, I got and email from my supplier and she gave me great news, we are going to get access to  Arles and Florence from August, which is great and so much easier and cheaper. Nevertheless it was worth trying this simple experiment.

Keep it simple!



15 thoughts on “Missing Y E L L O W no more

    • Hi Jessica, Mixol is the brand, but you can use any water base yellow tone. You can find this sort of product in any do it yourself shop or paint shops. Sienna Yellow is a colour from Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, but it is not available in the US, you can use Arles instead and play with the tone to create the yellow you want. I hope this helps. Adri 😉

  1. So glad to see your yellow chest. It’s beautiful. I am painting a french empire chair an ochre yellow and wanted to see how yellow works for me. I love it. Check out my chair soon at the French Hen’s Nest blog. Love your blog and will be following to catch up on what you’ve done and see what you do next. Linda

    • Thanks for your message Linda! How nice of you. I just checked your blog and it looks great! Most people are afraid of yellow but I think if you can make it work you can make any piece look stunning. Look forward to see the your french empire chair finished. 😉

  2. Hola Adriana,
    Por lo que leo me imagino eres de Colombia, yo soy de Mexico y solo quiero decirte que me encanta tu trabajo. Te quedan las piezas hermosas. Recientemente pinte mi comedor con Annie Sloan paint y a mi me gusta a mi esposo no. Le molesto que pinte muebles que estaban en buen estado. Pero para mi el color de madera no iba con mis otros muebles. Yo mezcle tambien la pintura de annie sloan con un poco de verde de pintura acrilica y no paso nada malo. Bueno seguire disfrutando tu trabajo. Saludos

    • Hola Veronica, muchas gracias por tu comentario y por seguir mi blog, este año aun no he hecho ningún proyecto grande, pero ya pronto me pondré a la tarea. Chalk Paint™ es un hit!! y te pone a rodar la imaginación y la creatividad eso es lo que mas me gusta de este producto. Ya sabes cualquier inquietud que tengas, aquí estoy! Saludos

  3. Adriana, si tengo una pregunta. Pinte mi mesa en Old White y le puse clear wax. Creo que me gusta asi, solo blanca, no sé si ponerle algo de dark wax por si empieza a rasparse parezca que es parte del trabajo jeje. Pero tu crees que sol con el clear wax vaya a mantenerse bien? Y que pueda limpiarla también facilmente o sugieres que le ponga alguna protección mas?
    P.D. Si prefieres te escribo en inglés para que tus otros lectores sepan lo que estamos hablando, tu dime?

    • Hi Verónica,
      is it a dinning table??
      I painted my sofa table Old Ochre and them three coats of wax, I looks fine after 6 months, and it is very easy to clean, but the table is mainly decorative. If you are talking about a dinning table, I will suggest three coats of clear wax and some more wax every 6 months

      • Hi Adriana,
        Thanks for answering my question. Yes, it is a dinning table so it gets use a lot and mainly because I do a lot of crafts so I’m always putting stuff on it. I will follow your advise, I am going to apply more clear wax and I am thinking a little distressing with dark wax too. My chairs are painted like a teal color but I think I want to light them up a little, I guess I went to dark and don’t look that good with the rest of my furniture. But that was me, mixing the colors, nothing wrong with the chalk paint. I am the one trying to find the right color for my decor.
        I just met yesterday a very nice lady from Colombia too, I forgot where she was originally from, but I do remember she told me that her last 11 years down there, she lived in Bogotá. Now she live in the US like me.
        Thank you thank you for your help and been so nice to me.
        Have a great week end!

      • Hi Adriana, I am awake and is only 3:06 am here in Houston haha.
        About the table, I truly love it just plain white, it brightness my house a lot, I think hehe. A neighbor even suggested to put a glass on the top, to protect the table. Not a bad idea, but I am still thinking.
        If I do a good job, I’ll share a picture with you 🙂
        I’ll look forward to your next post.
        And Arriba Colombia! your beautiful accent! (jelous) haha and your coffee! just to mention a few things

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