Follow Up

There are two things I like a lot, which  I haven’t been doing so much lately. The first one: blogging, the second one: exercising. By the end of this month I should be able to get my discipline back from wherever it is, and I am working on it right now.

I noticed I haven’t done follow up on some truly irrelevant details for some of you I guess, but relevant for the continuity of this blog and for all my faithful readers.

Do you remember I had to apply for permanent residence to continue living in this fairytale country Denmark? I thought it was going to take forever to get it…. But surprise me! I got it within a month. It is like two months since that. My husband keeps reassuring me that the country loves me, jejeje well you didn’t know this but I used to have a very turbulent relationship with this country.

My workshop and boutique are finally finished and up and running.  The two places are next to each other. They are tiny, cozy and great fun, my kids love playing there as much  as playing in the garden! Pictures will be shared soon.

Do you remember I was at a lifestyle fair at the end of May where I introduced Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Denmark? Well since then I have sign up 3 retailers, and there are more on the way.  I have held two courses and have 4 more coming in the next two months.  I was also contacted by a freelance journalist who wanted to write an article and take pictures of my house and the wonders of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!!! I had a month to get the house ready for it. I just basically rearranged things and painted some pieces, sounds easy but I actually spent a lot of time on that. It was all worth it. She came today! And the experience was great and new! I am looking forward to see the outcome. I promise I will share the article when it hopefully is published.

Two weeks ago a friend/costumer came by our place, he saw a painting I was doing (inspired by artist Martina Nehrling)  and now he wants me to do two for him, at the beginning I thought he was kidding, but he wasn’t, next day he confirmed the order by msm. I am totally thrilled.

 So that was the up date/follow up.

 As for todays transformation it is small chest ideal for keeping toys out of sight.

I gave it a first coat of Antibes Green, once the paint was dry I had second thoughts about the colour, so decided to mix Antibes Green with Persian Green (50/50), Persian Green is not longer available, but I had something left. It is actually similar to Florence (available in England and USA, and soon in Europe).  I applied a second coat of this new colour and once dry I distressed the piece heavily and at last I applied  the dark wax.


Applying the dark wax

The distressing worked out pretty nice with the two colours,  I like you can see traces of the lighter green (Antibes Green).

Until next post!



4 thoughts on “Follow Up

  1. Hey Adri! love your blog!! i’ve been wanting to do something about my boring furnitures.. and just one question: the reason for applying the dark wax, is that to darken the exposed wood due to the distressing??

    • Hi Hanne, the main reason to apply dark wax is to age the furniture, to make it look 100 years old, and yes, dark wax make the paint and the wood to look darker, but you can always manage that with some clear wax on top of the dark wax, to remove excess of the dark wax. I hope this helps. 🙂

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