Paloma Stencil

Hello there! I got to tell you this. At the beginning of last week, I went to see the doctor after three weeks with a very annoying cough. The doctor diagnosed me with Pneumonia and before prescribing the treatment, she asked me if I was allergic to penicillin, to which I said ‘not at all’, I got the medicine and drove home.

At home I was about to take the first tablet, when my cousin who was around told me, that his mom almost passed away due to penicillin allergy. I got a bit nervous and decided to read the medicine contraindications. Suddenly I was in doubt, if I was allergic or not. I knew I had never had an allergic reaction,  but I wasn’t sure I had taken penicillin before. I decided to call back home to my parents to find out if they knew. At that moment it was early afternoon in Europe and early morning in Colombia, I woke up the whole family to find out no one knew if I was allergic or not. I then called the doctor and talked to the secretary. I explained the situation, and I asked her if I could come back for an allergy test.  She said: Adriana if you are not sure about it, then the only way to find out is taking the medicine!! (which made sense to me). So take it!!! She said… and carried on… If you react to it, then call the doctor. I was laughing at all this. I took the medicine and just in case I instructed my cousin to call 112 if he happened to find me lying on the floor unconscious….

….and here I am, not allergic at all, looking after myself, feeling much better. I have been working as normal, but today I decided to stay home on my own and catch up with you guys, it has been too long!!

So I took some pictures and put them together for this post. This piece is a very small cabinet 70cm  by 60 cm. I painted it approx. two months ago. I chose Paloma which is something between  light grey and light lila, it is a beautiful stunning colour, perfect for a girls room and it goes very well on walls also.


… around a month ago I finally got Persian Green (Florence for the American readers) back in stock. So I applied Persian Green inside the drawers. I saw these two colours together the first time that I invited my six year old neighbor to paint with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. At her young age, she has a great sense of colour  (jealous)……

To complement the Persian Green, I tried my new stencils. Recently, I bought quite a few from

They have a great selection of stencils. If you are interested in trying stenciling, then that’s the place to buy, they have the biggest range you can possibly imagine. it is almost exhausting to find the ones you want to buy.

I did some stencil at the bottom of the drawer. I know this might look too much for many of you, specially the Danish crowd… but yet again this is also a source of inspiration for you guys…. so take what you like! 😉

When doing stencil with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint it is important to thin the paint with water. Use a very small brush or sponge and take as little paint as possible to avoid excess of paint going under the stencil.  If necessary you might need to go over the stencil twice for a more neat look.  And don’t forget to fix the stencil with a  tape.

I used a stencil to create a pattern at the bottom of the drawer. I applied only one coat of paint and I distressed it a bit, so it looks blurry and sort of more merged with the Persian Green.

and now from the photo shoot wall

I also painted the gorgeous brass handles, and before the paint was completely dry I wiped them with a wet cloth to remove the paint and leaving the paint only in the texture of the handle.

That’s all for now. So long!

Keep it simple!



8 thoughts on “Paloma Stencil

  1. Can you tell me the name of the stencil you used? I looked at the website and couldn’t find it, I love it! You are so talented!

    • Hi Susan, thanks for your message and your kindness. Well that stencil came with the book they sell, which is called STENCIL IT, the book comes with about 10 stencils ready to use. So I not sure about the name. Maybe you can send them the picture, and they might be able to help you with that. Good luck with it. 😉

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