Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ workshops in Denmark

So the year is almost gone!! I am already in holiday mood, but still working of course. Right now I am preparing for my last event of the year, our very first Christmas fair in town. It is a small one organized by the local museum. They recreate The Old Days Christmas Market, so I am expecting it to be like  a trip to the past. This is going to be on December 9th at Holbaek Museum, and you are most welcome to join.

While I get ready for the last fair, I want to share how the renovation of my work place and shop turned out (that was already in March), but I think I owe you the pics, and at last I share a little bit about this year’s and next year’s workshops.

February 2012: choosing the colour for the walls, painting, singing and  happy! Hard physical work though!

March 2012: Floor laid and walls painted Old Violet mixed with Old White and Paris Grey on the small wall. Ready to move to my new shop!

My workshop taken over by Lucas and Joaquim

The shop finally full with all my creations

The Front

Well, the hole process looks much less exhausting in pictures… to get to this point was really a lot of hard work. I am glad it is done.

So what is Annie Sloan Workshops about?

Well the workshops are a very important part of the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ concept. Our Paint is a very unique and versatile paint, so all the  stockist around the world are trained so we can hold courses and pass all the knowledge about techniques and uses of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™  to the final customer. Even if you have already lots of experience in painting furniture with latex paint, I will still recommend you to take the workshop, as our paint and wax offer a wide range of possibilities, which you need to experience live.

So this is a resumé of the workshops I held in Denmark this year. I must say, when I first heard from Annie that I was supposed to do workshops on a permanent basis I was a little bit reluctant, ignoring how much fun they are and how important they are for the business at such.. plus it is a great social experience, get to know new people and help them to discover or develop their creativity, not to mention how much I learn from them.

The first one

at Villa-Kulla the retailer in Funen

Time to recharge batteries with a nice lunch on a very nice table painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ of course

With the ladies from The miniature House Club. They paint miniature furniture for their doll houses. This was my first time ever addressing a group of 40 people in Danish! Lovely

Smukt og Brugt in Jutland

If you are interested in taking part in the workshops, you can sign up here.  If you are a company  or you have a group of friends and would like to do the course, we can arrange private workshops on a date that suit you best. Contact us at

Annie Sloan Workshop Denmark

See you at the workshop!

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