There is only one way UP

Hard work, focus, dealing with the important, dealing with last minutes ( lots of them), doing follow ups, meeting lots of people, phone calls, emails, lots of writing in danish (very challenging), getting positive feedback (most of the time), very informal clothing, lunch boxes, almost daily squeezed sleep between the two most gorgeous boys (one 5, the other one 2.5 years), lots of parenting (sometimes good, some times bad), cooking fast meals, running out of milk (very often), no sports at all, thinking about lots of my friends, calling few, meeting almost none of them,  no TV, lots of music (just background music), a trip to Australia, snorkeling at the Great Barrie Reef ( a must do), a couple of romantic evenings, dress code: smart, Sydney, three films per flight, back in Denmark, lots of snow…….. and then the roller coaster starts over again…. well, I don’t get to repeat some of them.

Last February we attended the biggest retailer’s life style fair, best known as UP. I was there with my furniture and of course with CHALK PAINT™,  the idea was to create awareness… and gosh we did!  Fly og Helsted, an interior and photography company arranged a wonderful display with most products available at the fair, and Chalk Paint™ shined like a star.


Chalkpaint™_cinteriorsdk8Chalk Paint™ Henrriette merged with  Antoniette, brushed over the table to frame the display.

chalkpaint™_cinteriorsdk11Chalk Paint™ Original


ChalkPaint_tavleImprovising a quick chalkboard with Chalk Paint™ Provence.

Stockistlogo_colorcardat the Wall of Fame

and stand…






chalkpaint™_cinteriorsdk12We even got at Royal visit, courtesy of

UP, the fair: 4 full days, lots of carrying around, some painting involved, all day talking/selling, twice a day take away, few coffees,  the occasional late afternoon yawning, lots of excitement, one hotel room, my birthday number 34 (OMG), international calls, a banana and chocolate cake, the danish birthday song by 4 beautiful girls, one romantic dinner, making plans, lots of dreams….

It was really worth to be there I can tell for the amount of work I have ahead of me, I am just very happy and thankful for it.

Keep it simple,



14 thoughts on “There is only one way UP

  1. Sounds great to be at such a successful fair. If I could only get my hands on some Chalk Paint I would be very happy still waiting to hear from retailers in Australia if they are stocking Annie Sloan yet.

  2. Hello Adri,
    I’m glad to hear from you.
    You’d been busy!! I’m happy for you, keep going 🙂
    By the way, I finished painting my dinning room table and four chairs and I liked it a lot, thanks for the tips!

    • Thanks Pat! I have missed you!! Well, when I started I was doing this one a week, now I can only afford to do it one a month. it is tough, specially with small kids…. but well this is my passion too. Nice having mom nearby, I would love to have mine much closer. 😉 xoxo

  3. All that paint looks like a candy store to me lol. And I would feel like a little kid in a candy store if I were there.

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