My Union Jack Version


Hello everyone. Today is one of these days I don’t want them to end. Do you see the picture above? Well, that cute little boy is my son Lucas when he was almost 3,  starting kindergarden only some years ago. The pic was taken on his first kindergarden day, and it has been hanging on his locker door  for the last 3 years, today was his last day at the kinder, and tomorrow is Lucas’ first day at school…. and  right now I am just a very proud mamá and I felt like sharing this with you. 😉

Today’s post is about the my own Union Jack version…. as for the transformation process, well it was as simple as it looks on the pictures. Really, very easy!



I painted all over it with mix of French Linen and Old White. When it was dry I lime washed the wood part with Old White, followed by Annie Sloan Clear Wax, only on the painted wood, I did not apply wax on the fabric. I painted the Union Jack flag on the back and seat of the chair, I used tape to to recreate the lines.


The Red is Chalk Pain™ Burgundy and the blue is Chalk Paint™ Aubussom Blue, I finished the chair by adding new nails around the upholstering, that was probably the only tedious part… but it was all worth it, I love the result!




Keep it simple!



19 thoughts on “My Union Jack Version

  1. This looks amazing. I have been wanting to paint on furniture but was a little nervous.
    I love that you didnt need to prep before hand. Great job. I am pinning to pinterest.

  2. Adri,
    Nice to see what you are doing now!! That chair is pretty cool!!
    And you have a beautiful family, congratulations!!

  3. Hi – I think the chair transformation looks amazing – I,ve just started using Annie Sloan and can,t wait to try this paint on fabric – thank you for sharing x

  4. Hi, your union jack chair is exactly up my fashion avenue!!! How is the wear and tear of the fabric? Has the design been breaking up much as you use it?

    • Not at all, the paint is keeping very well. I suggest you thin the paint so it gets into the fabric and the fabric and the paint become one, it is not so goof if the pain is laying as a coat on top on the fabric. 🙂

  5. That is great news, indeed! I am going to try to do the same. Thanks so much for the tip, I’ll make sure I thin the paint to get into the grain. Did you wax lightly or not?

  6. Love the Union Jack on the fabric. Did you use AS paint for the Union Jack? If yes, what colors did you use? Thanks for sharing!

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