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  1. Hello,
    I am leaving in Vienna, Austria and I want to purchase ennie sloan chalk paint. My question is can I oder this paint from you and do you have by any chance international shipping?

    Best regards,

  2. I live in Germany and was hoping to get a price quote for some ASCP. I want to redo my bedroom and I am anxious to start. Please shoot me an email with paint price and ship quote to post code 54518 in Germany. Thank you!

  3. Hi, I’m in South Africa 🙂 would you be willing to ship to here? I have looked but can’t find anyone who ships internationally.

  4. HELLO
    I really admire your site and what you are doing, looking up colour trends i keep seeing midnight blue have you any idea which colours to mix with ASCP i was thinking aubusson blue and graphite thanks so much

    • if you are in the USA, you can get Napoleonic Blue, that will be the closest. Where do you live Michelle? I am actually working on mixing colours to create new ones, but I haven’t got to the blues yet.

  5. Hello,
    I’ve just found your blog and it’s wonderful!! I have a query around mixing with old white or pure to get to the extended colours, I’ve had a scour through your posts but couldn’t find the answer to it. If you have a moment would you be able to advise on mixing and how do you know how much to mix depending on the size of your piece of furniture. I’m just about to start on some projects but I’m a little hesitant. I have a fear that I’ll mix it to the exact colour I want, paint and then run out and not be able to get that exact same mixture again. Do you have any tips on this?
    Many thanks!!

    • Hi Eda,

      That’s always a little tricky, Chalk Paint™ covers 13 square meters, and I always recommend two layers of paint. on liter of paint is enough for a large furniture, and 500ml for a medium size. How big is your piece? maybe you can send me a picture to so I can better help you. Best, Adri

  6. I am delighted to have found you.Congratulations on your blog!
    I was looking for ideas to paint my kitchen cabinets and I would like the clearest of mixtures of “GREY PARIS”.
    In it you say, “3/4 OLD WITHE” can you tell me, please, how exactly?
    1/4 of “GREY PARIS” and 3/4 of “OLD WHITE?
    I would not be wrong.
    I would greatly appreciate your me to answer it.
    Have a nice day.

    • Hej Ana, 3/4 Old White, means 75% of the mix should be Old White and 25% Paris Grey. If you want to mix a liter of a lighter Paris Grey, then you should use 750 ml (3 cups) Old White to 250 ml (one cup) Paris Grey. I hope this helps. Best, Adri

  7. Hi! I really enjoyed going through your page. I have a wood end table I want to do to match another end table I bought that was chalkpainted. Do you think if i showed you a pic of the chalkpainted table you could guide me in the right direction for how I could get the other one to match it best? Thanks!!

  8. I love the colour way chart you so graciously shared. I am having trouble coming up with the right combination to mimic this Benjamin Moore color called Alfresco #1620. Would you please share any thoughts on what colors I should try. Have used Aubouson and old white, cream. Help please!!

    • Dear Staci

      Thank you for your email. I have looked at the color on the internet from my mac (the color might look different than on the real color card). I will suggest you mix Aubusson Blue, Old White and Paris Grey. I hope this helps. Good luck. Adri

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